Enroll or Change Rate – old


Can easily drop code onto any webpage and it will display nicely. Fields created on one screen then added to form on another (lots of back and fourth). The biggest issue with EMMA is that the Confirmation Email only goes out ONCE to each individual. Once they submit a form they won’t receive any additional Email Confirmation messages. I confirmed this is how EMMA works with tech support. Visitors would have to UN-ENROLL before receiving another email confirmation. Radio buttons do not deselect. Fields can’t be deleted, only turned on and off. This creates a cluttered work screen when building forms and makes it easy to make mistakes. Forms cannot be DUPLICATED. Each community form would have to be built from scratch.

If you’re already participating in Somerville CCE, you can also use this form to opt -up to Somerville 100% Local Green or to change to Somerville Local Green or Somerville Basic.

You can also use also this secure online form to enroll in one of the Somerville CCE rates if you are not already in the program. If enrolling, once service has begun, the program rate will be reflected on your following month’s electricity bill for the previous month’s service. Please note that based on your meter read date, it may take up to two billing cycles to get enrolled.

Eversource customers are automatically enrolled in Somerville CCE, unless they affirmatively opt-out. Most customers do not need to take any action.

Be sure to use the name and address associated with the account(s) you wish to enroll. Your product choice will be changed on the next available meter read. Thank you for participating in Somerville Community Choice Electricity!