Somerville CCE

Somerville Community Choice Electricity (CCE) is the City’s program to provide competitively priced, stable and green electricity options to Somerville residents and businesses1. The program is an important part of Somerville Climate Forward, our comprehensive climate change plan

Somerville CCE recently mailed a letter to eligible accounts as part of our regular enrollment process. It was dated December 10 and came in a white envelope (check sample letter). If your letter had incorrect information (i.e. wrong name or account number), you may disregard it and no changes will be made to your electricity supply at this time. You can expect to receive a new letter with correct information which will be dated January 1 and will come in an envelope with a green stripe. Note: if you already returned the Opt-Out Reply card from the original letter,  your service address will remain opted-out of the program and no further action is required. For any questions, call the City’s consultant, Good Energy at (888) 306-5243.

Long Term Value

During the first three years of  Somerville CCE (July 2017 through July 2020), the program has generated over $5.8 million in savings to residents and businesses, compared to Eversource Basic Service. Future savings cannot be guaranteed.1

Cleaner by Default

Our standard product, Somerville Local Green, includes 10% more renewable electricity than Eversource Basic Service. Learn more about our clean electricity.

100% Clean Option

Looking for even more clean electricity than our default product? You can choose Somerville 100% Local Green to get all your electricity from renewable energy in New England. Sign up online in 5 minutes.

You might qualify for a 36% low-income discount from Eversource! Note: this discount does not affect your participation in our Somerville CCE program. See here.

Somerville CCE is a municipal aggregation, or Community Electricity Aggregation, program operated by the city of Somerville. With Somerville CCE, Eversource continues to deliver electricity and manage all electricity billing. The only change is the source and cost of electricity supply, chosen by the City of Somerville through a competitive bidding process. 

The electricity options provided through Somerville CCE reduce our contribution to climate change and move towards carbon neutrality, as envisioned in our community’s climate change plan, Somerville Climate Forward

Program Offerings

Somerville CCE has a standard product called Somerville Local Green which has more renewable energy than required by state law. Participants in the program receive Somerville Local Green unless they have affirmatively chosen one of our optional products. Click here to learn more, including how to switch your choice.

Somerville CCE pricing will remain fixed and in effect from January 2020 – December 2022.

Eversource Basic Service Rates
11.882 ¢/kWh for Residential, January – June 2021 (Note: This makes our fixed rate for Somerville Local Green about 10.5% lower than the average Eversource residential Basic Service in the first half of 2021.1)
11.173¢/kWh for Small Business, January – June 2021
11.423¢/kWh for Large Business, January – March 2021

Savings cannot be guaranteed.1

Opt Up to 100% extra renewable energy today

Benefits of Somerville CCE

Providing Competitive Pricing

Somerville CCE procures electricity supply contracts when the market is favorable. Combined with the buying power of thousands of households and businesses in the program, Somerville CCE aims to get competitive prices for our community.

A goal of the program is to produce savings for customers compared to Eversource’s Basic Service rates, however, savings cannot be guaranteed.

Ensuring Price Stability

Somerville CCE has contracted for a multi-year, fixed price contract. In contrast, Eversource Basic Service rates change every six months for Residential and Small Commercial customers, and every three months for Large Business customers. Somerville CCE avoids these frequent price fluctuations, which can often spike significantly in winter.

Using & Supporting New Renewable Energy

Somerville CCE’s Local Green and 100% Local Green both use more renewable energy than required by law, and we source it entirely from New England. Across our entire program, we are making a massive purchase of extra renewable energy. This lowers the greenhouse gas emissions of our electricity and helps support the growth of renewable energy in our region. Learn more about our renewable energy here.

How to Participate in Somerville CCE

New electricity accounts are eligible for automatic enrollment and will receive a letter in the mail from the City explaining the program, options and ways to opt out. To speed up your enrollment, complete the enrollment form.

If you already have a competitive electricity supplier (that is not Eversource Basic Service), then you may join Somerville CCE when your existing contract ends. If you are thinking about terminating your existing competitive electricity supply contract, be sure to find out if there are penalties or fees for early termination.

Questions & Support

To manage Somerville CCE, the City partners with an aggregation consultant, Good Energy L.P. For questions and support, you may visit our Frequently Asked Questions page here or contact a Good Energy representative at (888) 306-5243.

1Basic Service prices change every six months for residential and small business customers, and every three months for large business customers. Future savings cannot be guaranteed. For more information regarding program prices, click on Details/Electricity Choices.