Support Center

To manage Somerville CCE, the City partners with an aggregation consultant, Good Energy L.P.

To enroll in the Somerville CCE program, complete the enrollment form.

How to tell if you’re enrolled? read the electricity bill section.

To change your product choice within the Somerville CCE program, complete the change product form.

To leave the Somerville CCE program, complete the opt-out form.

If you have a question about the Program, please complete the form below, or contact a Good Energy representative at (888) 306-5243. All questions will be responded to within one business day.

You may also enroll in the Program, change your program option or leave the Program by calling Direct Energy, the program supplier, at (866) 968-8065.

How to tell if you are enrolled in the program

Check your Eversource bill (see bill sample). In the Supplier section, it should say Direct Energy City of Somerville. If Eversource or another supplier is listed, you are not participating in the Somerville Community Choice Electricity program. You may enroll at any time by completing the enrollment form.